How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

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Many people would prefer to have a boy, perhaps as their first-born, or simply to complete their family, once they have had their girl. While many of the methods and tips on how to get pregnant with a boy are not guaranteed 100%, using these tips and putting them into practice will definitely increase the chances of having a boy. Shop away for those blue booties!

How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

Knowing How to Conceive a Boy

Before you learn some handy tips on conceiving a boy, you should know certain facts about the male sperm. Male sperm tends to grow faster than the female sperm, and it grows better in the alkaline environment. Unlike the female sperm, the male sperm does not have a long life. Try having sex on the date of the ovulation, or at least as near to the ovulation as you can. Once you understand these facts, you will be able to time your intercourse properly and then increase the chances of having a baby boy. Always have intercourse in such a position, which allows deeper penetration, because this will mean that the male organ will go into the cervix, which is more alkaline. The entrance tends to be acidic, which will be more conducive to the female sperm. You may have standing sex or the woman on the stomach, so woman will definitely enjoy conceiving a boy. For ladies, there is another good news. Try having orgasms, because orgasms produce an alkaline environment, which provides a favorable environment for the male sperm to grow. The male sperm will be able to reach the egg much faster than the slower female sperm.

Knowing How to Conceive a BoyMany people also claim that you should have a healthy diet in order to conceive son. Ensure that you have your recommended intake of vitamins, and other nutrients. Try to have a diet, which has potassium and lean protein. Forget about dieting, if you are thinking of having a male boy. Additionally, timing is the most important thing. Make sure that you know your ovulation explicitly, because you should have sexual intercourse only on the ovulation day, if you are planning to have a boy. Otherwise, you might just end up with a girl. Try the ovulation predictor kit, which has become really famous, and which is more reliable than the natural calendar method (since you may forget things when you are using this method).The joys of conceiving a son are definitely great, but you need to have your timings and positions right. If you have been planning your family, according to ‘one boy, one girl’ motto, then you wouldn’t really like this. After all, family planning is highly important, because in this tough economic climate, bringing up too many children will definitely be a strain.


Timing, position and environment. These things are the most important factors that need to be considered. Have a healthy diet, and keep your fingers crossed. You will end up with a baby boy. Start shopping for your blue room!