Getting Pregnant with a Girl

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Once you have tied the knot, and found yourself completely devoted to each other, then perhaps it is time to think about children.

  • Are you especially fond of girls?
  • Do you love the cute pink booties, which you see in a variety of baby shops?
  • Does your better half prefer a girl as the firstborn, as well?
  • Or perhaps, you specifically want to try for a girl?

How to get pregnant with a girl is quite simple. The methods are not exactly fool-proof, but you may increase your chances of conceiving a girl, if you use these methods.

Getting Pregnant with a Girl

Different Ways of Conceiving a Girl

You should understand at the beginning that nothing can be ascertained for sure. However, according to Dr. Shettles’ book, once you follow some of the methods, you can easily have around 75-80% of increasing your chances of conceiving a girl.

Since even conceiving a baby is about right timing, you will also have to time it right, when you want to conceive a baby girl, your bundle of joy.

The sperm of the partner has a major role in determining the sex of the baby. The female sperm is bigger and has a life longer than that of the male sperm. However, they are smaller and more fragile, and also prefer an acidic environment to grow into.

In that case, intercourse should be performed at least a few days before ovulation, usually before two or three days before. This will give more time for fertilization. If intercourse is too close to the ovulation, then there are high chances that you may end up with a boy.

When you are thinking of conceiving a girl, you need to take into account proper timings. Use an ovulation kit to find out the exact time of your ovulation, so you can time intercourse properly.

Different Ways of Conceiving a GirlAfter you have had intercourse before the ovulation, make sure that the intercourse that you perform after that intercourse should not be unprotected.

Make sure that you use condoms. Practice safe sex until two days after ovulation. Before your peak day, ensure that you do not have any sort of sex. Look at your previous charts to help you determine the peak day.

Since the female sperm prefers a more acidic environment, the man should make sure that he does not penetrate too deep, since the deposition should be done close to the vagina, which provides a better environment for the female sperm to grow. While this may not exactly be an amazing intercourse, you would ideally want to do this, so that you can increase your chances of having a girl.

Females, you will be disappointed, as well, because you should try not having an orgasm, because orgasm produces an alkaline environment, which will favor the male sperm more than the female sperm growth. Therefore, while this may be disappointing, you can rest assured that it will happen only once.


While these are some of the methods, devised by expert team of doctors, they do not have 100% guarantee. However, you will be able to increase the chances of conceiving a girl, with these methods.